Why is my Doctor running late?

Ever wondered why your doctor may be running late?

All booked appointments are allocated a  standard 15 minutes.  This is the same for a patient with a simple cold as it is for someone with very complicated medical issues or for a patient being told that they have cancer.  Often patients have more than one health issue to discuss with their doctor.

It is really helpful if you let the receptionist know that you may require more time when you are booking your appointment so extra time can be allocated. Let your doctor know at the start of your consultation if you have more than one issue to discuss as often the serious health condition is not revealed until last and at the end of the consultation time.

Sometimes people just arrive with serious medical emergencies that need to be dealt with straight away.

Sometimes people have accidents that require urgent treatment.

Sometime people are sad or depressed and need to cry.  This cannot be rushed.

As well as seeing patients your doctor is also dealing with urgent test results, urgent phone calls from the hospital and paperwork that needs completing.

Sometimes this can all happen in one morning!

Some simple ideas to help make your visit to the surgery run smoothly and stress free -

  • Try not to make other appointments too close after your doctors visit.  We try to run to time but delays are sometimes unavoidable.
  • If you are coming to collect a repeat prescription make sure that you have given 48 hours notice to enable us to have it ready for you when you arrive.
  • If you have several significant medical concerns to discuss with your doctor consider making a double appointment (extra charges may apply).
  • Please remember that our nurses are available to do smears.
  • Please feel free to check with the receptionist the current cost of appointments and procedures.  This helps to avoid any misunderstanding over costs.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for waiting.