Dont let the Flu Beat You

Being fit and healthy will not protect you from influenza.  

The Flu is caused by three types of virus , it is spread by coughing, sneezing and direct contact with an infected person.  Healthy people can still become seriously ill and even die.    Call the practice anytime to make an appointment to come in and have your flu vaccine - in many instances this is FREE. 

Influenza is serious and can make you  ill for up to 10 days.  Most people suffer from a high fever, tiredness and may require bed rest.  Some may also suffer shivering attacks, muscle pains, headaches, a dry cough and vomiting.  Complications, like pneumonia can follow.  Immunisation against influenza is the best protection.

A cold is much less severe.  There is no vaccine available for colds. A cold virus infects only the nose, throat and upper chest and only lasts for a few days.

No.  You cannot get influenza from the vaccine.  Many people confuse colds with influenza.  Many other viruses are also present throughout the year, so people may catch a different respiratory infection with ‘flu-like’ symptoms and unfairly blame the influenza vaccine or influenza virus.  Sometimes people can catch influenza before the vaccine has had time to generate protection (about two weeks).

Let us help you avoid a run in with the flu this winter,  Make your appointment to have your Flu vaccine today.