Summer Food Safety Tips

  • We welcome summer and all those barbeques and salads and whipped cream desserts for Christmas and New Year, however there are a few ideas we need to follow to keep us from getting sick from the food we eat.


  • Prepare;


  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling or touching food, especially after going to the toilet, handling rubbish or pets, etc. Make sure kitchen and dining surfaces are kept clean. Use clean tea towels


  • People who have cold or flu symptoms or who have had sickness or diarrhoea within the previous 48 hours or anyone with sores/lesions on their hands, neck or head should not be involved in preparing or handling food for other people. 


  • Keep uncooked food apart from cooked or ready-to-eat food; if your fridge doesn’t have a meat compartment then store it on the bottom shelf rather than over the cooked food.


  • Keep readily perishable food like meat or cream either chilled (e.g. no more than 4°C), a chilly bag with ice at the BBQ is handy for this. Or you need to heat food above 60°C.

·        Cook

  • Precook chicken, meat patties and sausages before barbecuing

  • Meats should be marinated in a covered container in the fridge, not on the bench

  • Have clean plates and cooking utensils ready. Don’t place or prepare raw meat next to cooked or partially cooked meat or other ready-to-eat foods

  • Use one set of utensils for raw meat and poultry and another set for cooked food

  • Always wait until the existing food on the barbecue has been cooked through and taken off the barbecue before adding any more raw meat

  • Turn the food regularly so that it cooks evenly

  • Minced meat, meatloaf and sausages should be cooked until steaming hot right through, and pork and poultry juices should run clear – use a meat thermometer to check temperatures

  • Place cooked items on a clean plate, not one that was used for raw meat


  • Oh, and one more thing, we hope you enjoy the company of your friends and family over this summer season.